BIAS 2020

Announcement for the biennial of sacred contemporary art


May / September 2020

“The game: the time of the game, the game of time” | “The game; the time of the game


To participate in the selection it is necessary to fill in all the required parts the form published at this link. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of the form immediately after sending.

Participation in BIAS is open to every artist, regardless of nationality or age or religious belief.

BIAS is open to all forms of art, architecture, design, electronic art and new media, music, performance, photography and all traditional art included.

BIAS will open to the public in May 2020 in the historic center of Palermo, in other Italian and foreign cities, in sites of great value and value, in collaboration with the public and private entities that hold them. It will open in daisy with individual and consecutive vernissages for each place between May and June and will close in September.

Participation in BIAS is the artist’s responsibility, including transportation and production costs of the work.

To participate, you must present a photostatic copy of the work plan (from one to a maximum of three or total installation projects) and a detailed description of the material, weight and size.

The participant artist, architect, musician, photographer, performer, set designer, filmmaker, influencer must indicate the specific belonging of his work (from one to three to be proposed) to one of the pavilions proposed by BIAS, among those indicated below:

  • Philosophical Pavilion
  • Scientific Pavilion
  • Abramitic Pavilion
  • Esoteric Pavilion
  • Zoroastrian Pavilion
  • Hindu Pavilion
  • Buddhist Pavilion
  • Sciamanistic Pavilion
  • Pavilion of African religions
  • Pavilion of lost religions (archeology in the world)
  • Magic Pavilion
  • Taoist Pavilion
  • Press, Web Art and Social Networks Pavilion

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